The Waits Farm Retreat was a working farm owned by one of the prominent families of the Dime Box area, Augustus Spacek.  The original house was built in 1929 and most of the outbuildings were completed in the 1930's.  Dime Box is in the heart of the Czech-German area settled by immigrants in the  1880's.  The farming belt grew cotton, corn and maize along with livestock.  They were of a hardy stock dedicated to community, family, church, hard work and thrift.

Marsha and Clayton Waits bought the farm in 1999 and started renovating the outbuildings to host big family gatherings. Upon retirement from teaching in Texas public schools in 2008, the farm was opened to the public for reunions, receptions, parties and overnight accommodations.

The farm is still active for a cattle operation with the major focus on vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, berry patch, grapes, antique roses and an herb garden.